A few thoughts on Who Zenso is for

Zenso is for people who don’t need it, as evidenced by our growing crew.

For people who don’t need anything, and so want to do that which is a happy, explorative expression of not needing – a chance to let down guards and throw inhibitions away, an opportunity to learn how many ways we can learn, and some space to enjoy the medicine of nature and good company.

And move! And be curious about the ways we move. To give time and attention to this, with trust and gratitude.

And dance-like, wind-like, take in what be to take in and let some go. As said many times before and many times still, Zenso is not a describable “thing”.

I’m here, just writing that Zenso is for people who are looking especially for the time and space crafted in order…

1) to get to know oneself, with nature, in nature;

2) to get to know nature, and its medicinal-ness;

3) to get to move and explore it, and enjoy moving – for its own sake;

4) to learn without labels, expectations, directives, motives, etc.;

5) to develop skills like trust, efficiency, etc.;

6) to get stronger (in muscle), stronger in easy (effortless?) movement, stronger in connectedness;

7) to discover things never imagined discoverable – surprise!;

8) to improve one’s self-efficacy… that is, to learn mo better how to be and do as one really wants to be and do;

9) to dig being;


10)… I could really just keep going: the list is far-reaching – or not reaching far at all. And this is the point! To find the time for yourself to experience ______, to gain or lose what you yourself allow to be gained or lost in its own way and own time, to learn to not be taught by someone else, to learn instead to be learning to listen to your own listening.

To let it be what it is, for you. This is Zenso. And so actually: I can’t pinpoint what anyone will get from it because it’s not about that anyway!

You don’t need anything you don’t already have.