Three Things That Can Reinvigorate Your Life…

* For anyone who feels stuck or depleted.
* Simple to make yours.
* Although simple does not always mean easy.
* Pick one, start easy, #RideTheWave

Disclaimer: Nothing will invigorate, or reinvigorate, your life, as much as you tossing to the wind, all advice pertaining to the euphoric condition(s), and building instead, these elements, intuitively, as they seem right to you, right now. Do not heed what’s written, below.

So again, if you press, “What are the three things I should do, to make my health brilliant and my actions full of domination?”… I would say:

You need to decide these three things for yourself – and then you need to do whatever those things are, religiously, with spunk and playfulness, without regard to other people’s opinion(s).

If you prod, “No, seriously, TELL ME THREE THINGS I CAN DO, NOW!” I’d wane: Okay…


Stop eating out.
The cheap, quickly oxidizable, unsaturated oils that restaurants or fast-food joints use, are killing you. And they’re killing your precious cells. You’re also losing any sense of connection with the food you eat, because you’re rushing to eat just like you’re rushing everything else — even though you’ll never be anywhere other than where you are. Dining out is a terrible idea because you’re consuming mostly “food” that’s not really food. In doing so you’re telling your family and friends that instant gratification and lack of planning are more important than… long-livedness and good-livedness with family friends.

What should I do instead?
Have a dinner party at your house. Shop at local farmer’s markets. When you eat, feel & taste & smell & listen to what you’re doing. Think about how you eat and what it says about you. Try NOT eating restaurant or fast food for a month.


Disconnect from Social Media and TV and The News.
As much as possible. Wherever possible. If it’s not your closest, warmest friends or family, don’t go there! If it’s not real human interaction, limit it! Because whether you’re conscious of it or not, the firehose of consumerism is seeping into your brain and making you think you’re: a) not good enough, and b) in need of more of whatever it is that’s being jammed into your nerves. More sadness, apathy, degeneration, etc. And at night, those blue-light-emitting screens are disrupting your circadian rhythms and making it – metabolically speaking – harder and harder for you to be a high-energy, good-energy man or woman.

Make your own road-show; subscribe to your own private or public awesomeness channel). Hang out, call, text, and/or share your time with the people you love being around. Celebrate “Dark Thirty” (no electronics after dark!). Or just say “Fuck It!” — get out a piece of paper to draw or doodle, or grab a book & read (I know, so old fashioned).


Stroll somewhere every day (as opposed to being like a sea squirt).
This could also reveal itself as any kind of movement play or in an activity that interests you – something that gets you off the freaking couch, and into active states of being that are… I don’t know, pleasure oriented or exploratory. It’s well documented that sitting all day is the kind of routinized behavior that de-potentiates the brain. It’s also well documented that being able to get up off the ground easily without supports is a marker for long-life, while losing movement/strength options is a marker for increased mortality. We’re literally made to move (can you imagine life without it?).

How to Make This Happen:
Park farther from wherever you’ve driven to, so that you force yourself to learn how to enjoy walking. Make a new habit of strolling somewhere after dinner or… having an “After Dinner Movement Party!“. Go on a weekend hike. Spend time on the floor every day and explore new or interesting ways of getting up off the earth. Walk at the park, breathing just through the nostrils for five minutes. Try a Feldenkrais lesson before bed. Or just get outside and locomote somehow somewhere (after work or after breakfast or anytime).


Jot some Greats each day.
Think up a few things you think are great, right now. Like, “What are you grateful for in this moment?” Jot them down or just cogitate. Or, as our friend Jay says, play a game called “Rounding Down” by thinking of all the things that could be worse than your current situation. Doing Greats or Rounding Down are two ways to reframe your attitude for presence and confidence.

This could be done in the morning when you wake up or while drinking, or waiting for, your morning cup of coffee [in lieu of mindlessly consuming trash of social media or junk-mail]. Or you could do this as a text to your lover who you wish to share your Greats with. Or while just laying on the living room floor [instead of flipping on the brain-dead tube].


Play Zenso.
It’ll make you feel stronger, move easier with more bravery, and doubtless look better with your clothes off [also with your clothes on]. It will jumpstart you into a life of more fun, less stress, and more… spunk!

Do what you like and like who you are while you do it. As much as possible. Or contact me and we’ll go on a strength adventure somewhere. Or lift weights by yourself with the rustling leaves. Outside. Sprint into the mysterious hills of don’t know. Perhaps with an attitude of,

It’s okay to come
and go
from here.

Do any or all of the above five things and watch yourself build momentum. Momentum is that unspeakably great energy that’ll more and more, on and on, give you the sense of strength required to continue habituating the behaviors in life you really want, while letting die those habits that make you feel like hell.

Recapitulated Disclaimer:
Above are just ideas based on stuff that’s been proven cool, to me. Behaviors that’r effective for the Butterworths; perhaps. Be honest with yourself. Take what you like if you like. Toss what you don’t like. Let an idea turn you in a direction you never thought it would. I’m not responsible for what you do; you are. Own it.