Z en So . . . everyday?


A few everyday why-not?!s, for us

(unless we feel like not):

Walking – because it seems to us a form of strength

(also seems an indispensable mode of getting around);

or simply any movement as pleasure, as wonder,

as experiment, as “hmm? what if I do it like…”

Picking up something – a kettlebell or six or sixty, a bar…

a bag of groceries or a dresser,

a pile of yard clippings to take to the street;

or a baby

Grounding – a barefeet meander with morning sun;

laying on the earth but just to be,

or sitting on the carpet ’cause we like it,

and generally being with the rest of us, outside

Doing something(s) we consider art

because only we know,

only we can,

and only I feel the filling-up this does to me;

because for now, here,

we choose stimulative instead of exhaustive




Sharing – with someone or some other (tree, bee, bird, etc.)

some sense (feeling, tasting, hearing, etc.)

some life (we’re happening)

some love (how great?!)

some ? ( ? )


[“I am not in control;


I am it”]


And now to ponder; or work play! ?