What’s your zen? So here’s mine, at least for now.


Zenso, for me? Maybe: it’s just a feeling.


Yet, feelings – like the passing weather – come and go.

Right now… How is the weather??

So it seems to be, to me:

Yin Yang; inner outer.

Slow, fast.

Zenso, goddamnit!

If we just are, detached from yearning, away from all the bullshit, independent of the menagerie… if we learn to simply focus on what is, inside of us or out, without judgment, then the quiet, confident intelligence of our potential begins to take over and our world will never be the same again. Perhaps! If we can only learn to get out of our own damn way ~DB

Zen, so it’s basically your way of doing something – anything – and doing so antidepressionalistically. Stimulative happening as habit, maybe.

Sometimes for me this’s an adventure of gratitude, awareness, and attitude – or none of these things!

(1) Great Making


Greats! might be a doorway into some [new] world of noticing – awareness [of what is here] – a rain that may fall over the experience of being, when being is seen with gratitude.

This jotting and/or thoughting of “greats”, might be a remarkable slap of perspective, one which may inlet a daze or an air of  this as perfect.

Why not?!

Moshe Feldenkrais wrote:

If we do not know what we are actually enacting then we cannot possibly do what we want.


(2) Exploring how you do what you do

→ (Inner) ←

This next opportunity seems to enact itself as something or other that’s soft, easy, reduced-force-on-purpose – a la Weber-Fechner principle – so that an inner focus can be highlighted, honed, and habitualized, such that learning of self can lead to creative, alternative ways of being (and possibly so with adaptability, fluidity, and pleasure-in-act as hallmarks).

This could happen through Squatitation or any other mozëish activity, or while laying on the earth exploring movement Feldy-style. Again, the focus here is heavily internal, sensing skeletally and/or listening to various parts and players of the nervous system as it coordinates and navigates interesting, pleasing movement.

Examples of internal focusing could include:

♥ Laying, while sensing the outline of yourself on the earth

♥ Laying, while scanning the body from heels to head, noticing tone perhaps (that is, how are you holding yourself muscularly)

♥ Laying, while with a “third eye” seeing what you look like – as if from above (like a drone was videoing you laying there, in all your infinite detail).

♥ Moving while on your back, ever so slightly, and slowly, and sensing various aspects of your skeleton as it changes orientation with regard to the ground through space.

♥ Moving while on your stomach – as if developmentally, like a baby – into and out of positions of interest, to see or reach for things, slowlycuriously, and noticing how your nervous system and musculoskeletal system organizes itself to do this.

The chances to get to know ourselves, through subtle, [gravitally-reduced], positions of stillness or in moving, seem to be infinite. The idea is to be able to slow down, make it easy, make it playful, allow it to be interesting – whatever it is – and that in this gift of time and attention we may be able to see how it is we hold ourselves, in the simplest acts; and that this information may [by the brain] be used in all kinds of mysterious and wonderful ways which serve to make us more adaptable, and our lives more human fun.

(3) Doing What You Want

← (Outer) →

The next part, is an external focus opportunity, so much as it appears external focus proffers skill acquisition and making particular tasks happen with more efficiency. This would be more strength-oriented activity – like swinging a bell or making art with a getup… or sprinting somewhere with a madman-like joy… or snatching something overhead!

Examples of an external focus during tasks like these include:

♥ focusing gaze on the bell while doing a getup, and feeling the grip of its handle

♥ attending to the feel of the ground as a foot strikes and rebounds off it while traveling – and then the next foot, over and over – as in a burst of freedom flying

noticing the grip of your base to the earth and feet’s subtly shifting contact with it, while swinging a bell

listening to sounds in space around you, while suitcase carrying a kettlebell, or feeling your feet massage (or be massaged by) the earth while traversing; or imagining that you are tilting a drink from a goblet while performing a “goblet” squat

♥ feeling the feet grip and push through the ground while picking up something heavy

feeling the subtleties of a bar as you hang or brachiate or do a pullup

The opportunities for crafting games of external focus cueing seem endless, and also powerful in that external focus appears to enhance performance.



Whatever the case may be, the ideation to me, is to get lost in stimulative behavior. As another example, feeling the breath going into and out through just the nose can be an attentional – perhaps a doing that can be categorized as inner or outer, depending on how you look. I often find myself coming back to a focus on breath through the nostrils (as a calming / stimulative act).

Another fun game of things, to me, is to explore making any action “as easy as possible to perform” – and then let the intelligence of the body have a go at it. As in, How easy can I do this? And then just fake that it’s the easiest thing ever. Or, I may just pretend away the ego part of things by acting as if  I don’t give a fuck! (because what is “I” anyway?)


Typically, a few Greats! & a sense activity can be enough, to invite in me a sense appreciation for whatever’s happening, and possibly too a sensuality of experience I can describe zippo in words.

Typically, one, two, or three strength expressionables paired or complexed or particulared in some thought-up way – outside – is enough for me to feel as if injected with just the right dose of antidepression medicine; and if I was already in a state opposite of depressed, then even better, I feel now [let’s call it] paradisal.


To finish a session of what I call this “Zenso” – however it was or whatever it be – maybe I’ll do some Greats! again, or a lay sesh, or a walk somewhere… or nothing; although it could be different every time – or unlike anything I have expected or thought up yet. Sometimes [the entire] Zenso experience, is best for me, as just the “walk somewhere”, or as Squatitation – and then done-with-it; or as writing; or maybe it’s making sweet [playful] love with Mrs. B; or some adventure of who-knows-what.

Health, to us, seems to be art: and you are the artist; as am I.


What makes zenso zenso?

Here are some stream-of-thought reasons Zenso is Zenso – and not some other kind of health or fitness operandi:

  1. It’s OUTSIDE (and this’s medicine, we think)
  2. The pace/focus/air of The Antigym, is:
    1. Stimulative over exhaustive
    2. quality of relationship (with what we do, with others, with ourselves) over quantity – or any tied-up-ness to result(s)
    3. cultivating a habit of here-this-ness over dread, guilt, etc.
      1. “Slay the guilt dragon!”
    4. Inner/Outer focus opportunities over going-through-the-motions, dead-to-feeling, roboticism
    5. Writing the story YOUR way (empowerment & trusting your own feet) over falling in someone else’s line or succumbing to the spell of learned helplessness

Zenso, above all perhaps, appears to be about personal experience –

and saying FUCK YOU:

→ to any and all forces that quell your self-reliant spirit or your wild, wondering feet

→ to any and all forces that try to sell you messages of “you’re not enough”

because… that’s all total bullshit.

You are: whatever it is.

And to me, this seems BRILLIANT.


Perhaps, simply: