The Antigym Expressionables 

Common thread movement tools of Zenso

What follows is a repertoire of ways to express yourself – some of them with a kettlebell. These movement behaviors seem to be to us, of immeasurable value, for antidepressionalism, art-making, strength development, & otherwise:

 The Antigym Expressionables:

¤ Locomotion
(crawling, walking, hiking, moseying, sprinting, carrying, cruising)

¤ Kettlebell Swing or Pick-Up (deadlift)

¤ Kettlebell Clean

¤ Goblet or Rack Squat

¤ Forgetting & Remembering Again
(This can pertain to ice cream, sour cream, maple syrup, or any other item of your choice)

¤ Getup (UBGB)

¤ Hanging or Brachiation or Pullup

¤ Press and/or Snatch

¤ Bridge Elevatoring or Spider Monkey Passing

¤ Grounding or Laying

¤ ¿Slothfood ! ← ↑


A kettlebell (or two) may be useful… so procure!