The A n t i g y m

We have a response to the marketerial quo of “you need our X to feel good”→ Fμ¢k Yσu! The only business we’re in is wanting what we have. Zen? So: this is it. To us strength is leisure – & leisure, strength. Health seems to be art. So what?! Words about it don’t matter. No word feels like the earth when you lay on it. No talking equals the sensations of a getup in the rain. Maybe what you seek you already own? OPTIONS ∇ CHOICE ∇ MOVABILITY. Here we are. Deadlifting in the sand. Feldying before bed. Sex play. Kitchen play. creatsome ♥ther way.  Hang. Crawl. Carry. Ground. Squatitate. Cogitate. Brachiate. Walk somewhere. Wiggle. Cruise. Sprint. Swing. Write. Whatever! How great is life, Right Now?! Ditch the screen. Be outside.

                                             Slay the guilt dragon