The A n t i g y m

It’s a way of life. Not seeking. Letting “results” take care of themselves. Quality of being over quantity of consumption. And to the marketerial quo of “you need our whatever to feel good”→ That’s a bunch of donk! The kind of business we’re in is wanting what’s here. Zen? So: this is it. Strength as leisure & leisure as strength. Health as art. Experience as arbiter. . So what?! No word feels like the earth when you lay on it. No talking equals the sensations of a getup in the rain. Carrying a couple of bells, barefoot through the sand, music of crashing waves and gulls, transcends such a description. Hell, free Feldy on the floor before bed. Sensh play. Kitchen play. creatsome ♥ther way.  Hang. Crawl. Squatitate. Cogitate! Brachiate. Ground. Walk! Cruise. Sprint. Swing! Write. How great is being?! Ditch the screen. Go outside.

           Slay the guilt dragon