Zenso: “I still don’t know what the fuck it is!”

It’s okay, I still don’t know what “Zenso” is, either.

Also, I’ll state rather unapologetically, that later today or tomorrow when I’m feeling more or less sad or frustrated or elated or crazy or important or silly or that this is all meaningless or whatever, I may write what you are about to read, in a completely different way…




  1. I’ve often said [to myself] that Zenso is a strength & leisure club – the premier of its kind in all of California [actually, the only of its kind].
  2. I’ve also often said [again to myself], that Zenso is a brand, a vision, a notion… of the ungraspable, mysterious, wonderful, thrilling, frustrating, and perhaps potentiating cocktail of being. An adventure everyday that sometimes includes kettlebells or sprinting up a hill, and often includes cheese & orange juice, gelatin & honey infused coffee, and laying on the floor or squatitating [or wine].
  3. Another thing, Zenso is you doing anything that feels right, stimulative, exhilarative, relaxing, or just plain wiggly.

I’ll comment more on the first bullet.

Strength will be defined here rather spontaneously, as one’s ability to withstand the craziness of life without his or her general happiness getting too much upset. In other words, flexibility of being. For example: If you are exhibiting strength, then you’re confident in the face of shit [pretty technical definition, I know].

I will take the three definitions of Leisure straight from dictionary.com: 1) “freedom from the demands of work or duty”; 2) “time free from the demands of work or duty”; and 3) “unhurried ease”.
[Why in the cracker dictionary.com would redund itself with that second one, I have no idea!]
Do I think strength and leisure are worth habituating? Yes.
Ride The Wave
If what you’re doing as “Zenso” is training the habit of just being, and being with trust (more often), and if it isn’t something you’re trying to “rush” through or “work” at, then it is Zenso. It ought to feel [or be] more like play or dancing or listening to music or wild fun sex, than a job. If it’s Zenso, then it’s pleasurable in and of its own accord.
You’re not “doing Zenso” to get anywhere or be anything – because then you’d be missing the point. You’ll always be exactly where you are right now, and you’ll never be anything different than what’s happening here. You are a manifestation of the whole universe, a cell of its infinite brain; only, simply, intricately, a cog in the living, breathing crazy machine web of wiggles of existence – and you’re tripping! At least this is how I see it, that we’re basically somehow riding this mystery of a wave (or we are the wave)… and the destination is certainly not the point!
Do you like what you’re doing, as far as health and life? As far as anything?? If you don’t, tell us in twenty years how that ends up working out for you. Or, tell us in five.
Some Reminders in “doing Zenso”
(If you are going at it solo):
The experience is up to you. No one who is not you, decides what you find interesting. No one else decides where curiosity will lead you. It can be rewarding and empowering, to be courageous enough to listen to the moment and swim with the current that’s calling you; not easy, at times, but certainly worth the perceptual, socio-cultural barriers which you will have to let dissolve in order to taste it.
I am tempted to write more on this but maybe best to leave it here, or even state that forgetting what you just read is quite alright. Direct experience and digging whatever seems to be going on, may be a habit naturally created if let often enough – and this, perhaps, is the not-writable state that makes Zenso what it will never be when talking about it.
Words suck!
Again and again, go out and play, and forget what things are, or remember merely, that “things” are much more indeed than what people could ever say about them.
If you describe what it is, differently every time you do it, you’re getting closer to realizing the futility of effort involved in trying for a close description. The perfect description is that which we have no means to wrap our heads around, being that we are simple cells in the rhythmic brain of the infinite cosmos; maybe not even that! Or, maybe something crazier.
So perhaps, time to give up, and wander some more. Just damn it to hell, who fucking cares?!! And if you do care about pigeonholing the happening – or writing about the “-ing” – then damn it to hell to me for writing not to. What you do is none of my business.
But, in wondering, we come to development that is free of trying; in experimentation sparked by curious interest we dive deeper than any need to or have to. Which leads to a second part of the first reminder…
It’s okay to not try to do anything or be anything or get anything. Seriously, stop taking it so seriously. Do you think when you forget to notice yourself, the beating heart stops? Does breathing discontinue when you don’t know it’s doing it?
We are set in motion by a much greater energy – and long ago, never – so trying to mind the reigns seems ignorant at best. By all means,
The habit we each have opportunity to create, cultivate, or nurture – when we become aware that here we are, “doing Zenso” – that is, doing anything – is one of being okay with where we are, slowing down if just for a moment (which is all we got), and noticing with appreciation, perhaps, the sensations that go into the relationship of being.
The habits of strength, leisure, etc. may happily follow.
So Play Out of Your Mind once in a while!
But please, don’t try too hard because then we’re back to the original problem.
Gobbledy do, arah! pum pum drum. Ahh?! Awe.
(Doing Zenso in a group):
When doing zenso in a group, with others, with a semblance of disorderly orderliness on purpose – a quasi-directed free-for-all – this is surely a much different experience than going about your chosen adventuring solo, in your own zenso way.
Not better or worse in a fine collection of weirdos, wanderers, and wine-drinkers, vs. your own illusory-drenched, bumbling self, hiking in the hills or deadlifting in the garage chatter free. Just different.
To be okay with different kinds of experiences as they are, whatever they are, is to be scratching the made-up surface of Zenso anyway. Climb deeper into the layers of what you’re doing and don’t be surprised if you find it doing you. You?
I can’t write any more words of reminding here.
I’m awash for writing any at all.
But I love it!
Oh, wait one more!
Damn the screen!
Get off the phone and go verb in the boundless church of nature!
[written to: myself]